Hello! I’m Rosie, I live in East London and I bloody love charity shops!

The Kind You Find is a space for me to showcase the many items I have found in charity shops all over the country (and occasionally further afield). For me there is no greater sense of satisfaction than when someone compliments me on a dress or shirt I am wearing, and I proudly declare it’s from my local Oxfam and bought for £2.50. But being smug in person was clearly not enough for me, and so I set up this blog to share my finds far and wide.

I want this blog to be an inspiration to those who like clothes, shopping and fashion, but are fed up with overpriced and unethical high street stores and vintage shops. Rather than buy new all the time, buy second hand and give an unloved piece of clothing a new life, all while donating to a great cause.

I hope those that come across this blog enjoy it, and if you’re not already a charity shop enthusiast I hope this gives you the courage to spend an afternoon having a good old rummage!

And finally, here is Prince, the inspiration behind the title of this blog. ENJOY.

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