10 best charity chops in London

This morning I was delighted to see an article on the London Evening Standard website about charity shops in London, listing the Top 10 in the city. Second hand fashion is growing in popularity, and charity shops are reacting to this trend with better stores and better stock. As mentioned in this article, in certain areas (the posher ones) some charity shops are the perfect place to pick up a designer piece, or a once loved celebrity item, and all the while raising money for good causes across the UK and the World.

I was even more delighted to see that two of my frequent charity shop haunts have made the list! As my local,, the Oxfam in Dalston is one of my favourite charity shops and I have found some really wonderful treasures in there, such as this heart print dress, or this cute little designer number. The other is one that I have recently started visiting as it’s close to my new workplace, and that’s the Save the Children store on Clapham High Street. I like to pop in here on a lunch break, and often come out with something, such as these cute dresses, and this bag for a recent wedding.

There are some shops on this list that look great, but they are little far away from where I live so perhaps I will do a special day trip and see what treats I can find in them!

Charity Shop in Brixton

Charity Shop in Brixton

A Work of Art

This morning I came across this lovely little news story about a man in Canada who is breathing new life into paintings he finds in charity shops.

David Irvine takes the slightly worn, dated paintings and adds in a modern twist, creating these slightly odd but charming pieces of art!

_82153645_ghostbusters _82153642_darth

I just love this idea. Charity shops are full of unloved paintings –  I’ve often bought some for the frame alone and the painting that sat inside them gets thrown away, and it’s lovely to see them being re-used and bringing a smile to faces of people all over the world!

Incredibly, David sells his ‘Re-Directed’ art for around £200+, which isn’t bad for a painting that can’t have cost any more than £5 when he bought it! The only thing I would have liked to see is that a donation of the profits are given back to the charity shop where the original was purchased. 🙂



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