Daisy daisy

Surprise surprise, another floral item here. Thankfully it’s not a dress, but this time a very pretty knee length silk skirt in a daisy pattern. Bought from Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton, this lovely skirt has made quite a few appearances this summer. Here I have worn it fairly casual with a plain grey t-shirt, but last weekend I teamed it with a white lace vest top and my new favourite pink platform heels, for a cousins 30th birthday party. Can’t complain for £5!



Marc Chantal

I’ve never been a handbag kinda girl. The idea of spending £500 on a designer bag baffles me. Saying that however, I do have a weakness for patchwork leather and tapestry bags,  which can often be found in charity shops but for a tenth of the cost. So imagine my delight when I came across this little gem in a charity shop on my local Clapton high street, which has both patchwork leather AND tapestry in it. A genuine Marc Chantal, this gorgeous handbag set me back a mere £4. Fabulous.


Smart spots

I found this lovely polka dot dress in a little Charity shop on Clapton high street. At £3 it was a bargain, and is perfect for an important ‘can’t wear my usual floral dress and trainers’ meeting I have next week. It has a slight vintage feel too and will look great with an up do and red lippy.