Picture perfect



One thing that charity shops are great for, other than clothes and bags, are picture frames. I love antique old picture frames, but shops often sell them at a hefty price.

One of my favourite picture frames is this incredibly old, what I think is Brass, picture frame. The glass was broken when I bought it in Didcot’s Oxfam for 99p, but I loved it so bought it and replaced the glass so it looks brand new. I don’t know how old it is, but it looks OLD. I like to imagine all the different photographs that might have been displayed in this pretty little frame. For now, I’ve used it to show off one of my favourite family photos from my graduation.



One of my hobbies – other than trawling through rails of second hand clothes – is to make teacup candles. I first saw a teacup candle in a little shop off Columbia Road, in London. It cost about £15 and I noted that, considering how many teacup sets you find for sale in charity shops, that it must actually be a lot cheaper to make them myself! So I did. One Christmas Tom’s mum bought my a beautiful set of teacups and saucers, and that same year Tom bought me a ‘make your own candles’ set. It makes me wonder that they hadn’t conspired with each other…

Since then I have collected teacup sets I find in charity shops and like to make them into candles whenever I can, mostly as gifts for friends. I thought about selling them, much like the little shop on Columbia Road – but whether I’m at that stage yet or not I don’t know. Watch this space.