Didcot Delights

This is my hometown, Didcot.

A trip to my hometown means a lot of things for me. The comfy spot on the sofa, a fridge full of food, dog walks in the Oxfordshire countryside, fish and chips on a Friday night and of course – Charity Shops. Didcot is absolutely full of them and always has been -in fact  before the fancy new Orchard Centre was built it’s all there was. Didcot’s charity shops became part of it’s identity and back in those days you wouldn’t be seen dead in them. Now, I look forward to a good old rummage and a natter with  the old ladies. I usually end up coming out with a bit of treasure, and my recent exploration this week was no exception!

The first find is this  new with tags dress originally from River Island. I found it in Oxfam for £5.99, which is a considerable discount from the original price of £29.99! I like the dress because I think it will work well as both a work and night-time outfit and I’m all for versatility! The dress has a grey  bodycon skirt with a peach coloured jersey top. The back also has some lattice detail which gives it a little extra something.

My next find came from my favourite charity shop in Didcot, Helen and Douglas House.

This shop used to be in a smaller location just round the corner. I almost shrieked with delight when I came home a few months ago to find it had moved to a bigger location spread across two floors! This visit I came across this adorable jumper. It’s thick and warm and comfy and just lovely. 

2 thoughts on “Didcot Delights

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